How to deliver your project on time, on budget and with demanded quality in risky environment? Make risk management part of your project and work it out with ISETIA. You can gain a lot of money if you deal with uncertain project events in a proactive manner and take care about opportunities. Minimize the impact of project threats and seize the opportunities that occur, then face consequences of risks, plan and deal with them using dynamic ISETIA risk management module.

PRECISELY IDENTIFY AND COMMUNICATE Basic action is to spot risks present in project and communicate them promptly in clear and transparent way. Key point is to give all team members ability to share and communicate potential risks by access to ISETIA risk management module and create risk flows. Additionally, use interactive message boards for spreading and discussing observations about potential risks to other team members. STEP BY STEP RISK MANAGEMENT FLOW ISETIA Form® gives variety of available fields which may be tailored to specific way of risk management in your company – add or remove fields, as well as modify the values for types, statuses, categories, manageability, probability, priority, risk response actions. However, you can use predefined ones in accordance with the PMI standards. CLARIFY OWNERSHIP Indicate right people by assigning them responsibility for execution and result. ISETIA registers automatically creator of the risk and who did last update. PRIORITIZE Use an option to priorities and categorize risks due to specific organization criteria.

ANALYZE Impact start and finish dates fields allows to provide time frames for risk duration. Calculations in risk flow are based on value and probability multiplied giving exposure value expressed in the currency. PLAN AND IMPLEMENT Descriptive area allows to explain risk, causes and potential implications. Provide your plan in response description field. TRACK RISKS, TASKS AND OPPORTUNITIES ISETIA allows you to include comments and register every action taken to a change log. That information is helpful within flow cycle, giving other people overview on history of risk with notes. Manage also opportunities to find and get benefits and gains. Every risk may be assigned to a specific structure – project, program (group of projects) or portfolio and specific part of structure – task, WBS or process. RISK REGISTER AND REPORTS ISETIA contains dedicated risk register which helps to manage, track and collect risks in one place. It gives better general as well as detailed overview with precise reporting options. SMART BIM CLASH DETECTION