In the life cycle of any project, there will almost always be unexpected problems and questions that crop up. ISETIA allows you to be ready, to beat them and deal with them to avoid potential effects of the projects outcome. ISETIA issue management guarantees a safe and reliable method for the team to raise, assign responsibility, track, analyze and prioritize issues easily. Finally record issue resolution for future reference and project learning.

ONE AND ONLY ONE PRACTICES Move a step forward with ISETIA beside of standard issue management practices:

 Get another value – after solving issue convert it into Lesson Learned.
 Attach photos, videos or voice memos for even faster, easier and more comfortable flow.
 Customize your way – types, priorities and statuses values are fully customizable. Provide and use terms and names as your organization used to. However, you may use predefined ones.
 Every action taken on issue is registered automatically in a change log (dates, responsibilities or comments etc.).
 Sort out issues in accordance to management levels. Identify issue on stage of task, WBS, process, project, group of projects, program or portfolio. Spot fast which part of the project’s structure will be affected.

READY FOR UNKNOWN In ISETIA, issue management flow is carefully looked after at very early stage of following information by detailed ISETIA Issue Form®:

• Type – categorize issues. It helps you to track and assign issues to the right people or roles.
•  Owner – who discovered the issue.
•  Time & date – when the issue was identified – ISETIA registers it automatically.
• Description – details about what happened and the potential impact on project.
• Priority – an importance rating.
• Responsible person – this person may or may not actually implement a solution, however is responsible for tracking and ensuring that it’s dealt with accordance to its priority.
• Due date – the deadline for resolving the issue.
• Status – the progress of the resolution with a clear label identifying the issue’s overall status.
 Comment the resolution path – the status of the issue and steps taken to find and implement a resolution. Timing of comments are registered automatically.
• Final resolution – brief description of what was done to address the issue.

CLEAR PATH One of the key challenge of issue management is to resolve the problem quickly and then fast react with as little as possible impact to the project. ISETIA is equipped with issue management tool which boosts communication and overall issue flow. As time is often critical variable for reaching the success. Any Issue assigned to a responsible person appears immediately on ISETIA Dashboard® with all terminal and helpful data. If issue is more complex it may be converted into ISETIA Card® (task to execute) with follow-up and tracking options in ISETIA Board®. Since most issues are unexpected, using ISETIA will make ensure ability of dealing with them quickly and effectively. Get issue resolution process in place before starting project to make sure that you stay on schedule and objectives. FRAMING Well prepared framework is a base for an effective issue solving. ISETIA allows you to predefine your own framework including such components like:

 Way of responsibility assignment – manage it by specific person (e.g. a specialist) or roles (e.g. technical issues).
 Determine the status – define your own statuses in reference to specific criteria.
 Set up resolution date – assign issue flow to right and competent person.
 Communication – use issue flow, comments and ISETIA Dashboard® notifications.
 Affects to schedule and budget – when issue is affecting project, define your own company decisions process and flow standards to reduce costs effects.

UNIQUE CONVERT FROM 3D MODEL BIM integration makes it even simpler to solve an issue. In additional BIM module, you can create issue directly form a 3D model in relevance to object, group of objects or to overall model and then run solving process inside ISETIA.