| Personalize your own dashboard view with all information which are required to perform the job. ISETIA automatically selects items that are assigned to user or require user’s attention. Group in one dashboard: ISETIA CARD® and all other objects like risks, issues, expenses, reports and documents.. 

| Assign action items to team members and track them to the closure. It’s displayed on the dashboard when user receives assignment. 


| Enjoy the variety of privileges combination based on global or project’s roles and on individual users. An extensive structure of privileges gives a comfort and safety about the company’s data. Super user (Administrator) may grant or deny access (adding, creating, editing, updating, opening, reading, viewing, deleting) to any area and object.

| Stop worrying about security against third parties. All information is sent in encrypted form through the network. It removes the risk of catching these data by hackers or bots.



| Always know the status by storing and distributing full information of all projects. Data may be utilized according to decisions regarding project execution. Stay informed about any off-contract activity with controlled processes, automated tracking and a full audit trail.

| Better resource utilization means reduction of man hours and administrative costs. Knowledge of resources’ work assignments enables better and optimal usage. When executives realize that there is a gap between demand and current pool of resources, more staff may be hired. In the reverse situation – excessive pool of resources, in comparison to current demand, may be reduced.

| Stay informed throughout the contract cycle with automatic alerts, handy dashboards and configurable reports. Understand the actual situation for better managing and controlling. Generate reports including all possible data stored in ISETIA. .

| Track every single information, you manage, directly from dashboard, when you send document to revision, create document flow or assign ISETIA CARD®, document, process, risk, issue, activity, resource, expense, lessons learned. It keeps you up-to-date and making you more decisive.


| When a task or action is completed it is archiving, but still available to review.

| Lesson learned allows to keep and storage important and critical information and experiences, becoming from previous projects, allowing to work better and smarter in future.    

| Every action taken by any user is logged with detailed information – when, what, who.


| Stop worrying about the data. By default, ISETIA makes automatically backup once a day. Place of backup storage and frequency is fully customizable.